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Privacy Policy.


Privacy Policy.

We treat the privacy of our customers very seriously. Any data that we collect via the Alpha Smart Control Unit application is governed by this policy.

By using  Alpha Smart Control Unit you consent to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of  Alpha Smart Control Unit indicates your acceptance of this policy and any modifications of it that we might make in the future. The current Privacy Policy will always be published here and can be checked at any time.

Apple HealthKit Integration

In order to analyse and present information to you,  Alpha Smart Control Unit relies on the ability to read your health data for heart rate from the Apple HealthKit database on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Data read from the Apple HealthKit database is used to perform calculations related to your heart rate and to present those data to you within the Alpha Smart Control Unit iPhone and Watch applications. This data is not transmitted anywhere by the Alpha Smart Control Unit app. It remains on your iPhone for your personal use.

The protection of any data stored on your iPhone and Apple Watch within the Alpha Smart Control Unit app is your sole responsibility. Please consult your device documentation on how to manage local storage and how to apply appropriate security controls to your device for the protection of information.

 Alpha Smart Control Unit is in no way responsible for the protection of data and information stored within the Apple HealthKit database. It is strongly recommended that you review Apple’s applicable policies and procedures before synching and backup up your Apple HealthKit data.


Should you have any questions, contact us here via email

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